Blueface & BM Jaidyn Deny Birth Of Baby After His Mom Posts Photo Of Newborn

Karlissa was thrilled to share her grandchild. But blogs soon began sharing the news that Blueface’s mother gave birth.

Blueface and his mother are putting rumors to rest on the internet. Blueface has been making headlines for months due to his hot and cold romance with Chrisean Rock, but while they show off their love during double dates with DDG and Halle Bailey, Jaidyn Alexis awaits her due date. 

Jaidyn, a Blueface son, is now pregnant with Blueface’s second baby. She began receiving congratulatory texts today, after it was believed that she had given birth.

Blueface’s mother Karlissa shared an image of a newborn baby at a hospital, along with a message reading, “My Princess is Here #Leo Gang.” She didn’t specify whose child that was, but the baby’s photo was quickly shared online and blogs reported that Jaidyn and Blueface welcomed their latest addition.

However, Jaidyn jumped online to deny that the child was hers. “My baby was NOT born yet,” Jaidyn said. [sideways crying laughing emoji]She wrote, “Thank you,” Blueface added that the baby was still in her stomach. Karlissa posted a comment on her Instagram Story, saying that she has other grandchildren.

You can see it below.


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