Thomas Beatie, once known as the ‘pregnant man,’ talks about life in Arizona

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) — Thomas Beatie, now a resident in Arizona, was once the name that dominated headlines everywhere you looked. He now lives a fairly quiet life as a stockbroker. “I do public speaking. I do acting as well, which is I’m an actor about I speak about diversity, and just my whole life story, which, you know, the whole transgender thing and having babies and, and all that good stuff,” Beatie said.

In 2008, Beatie’s life was in the spotlight because he was living as a transgender woman, then married and pregnant with his first child. “I was pregnant, and I went into the hospital with an ectopic pregnancy. So I surprised the doctors and my neighbors. My small Oregon community of Bend was pleasantly surprised to hear that I had returned. I had to regroup with my wife and think OK, this, this is a situation,” Beatie said.

Thomas Beatie used to be called the pregnant man. He explains to his children how he talks about giving birth to the three of the four children.

Beatie and Nancy divorced three years later, after the commotion surrounding his pregnancy. This was after a lengthy court battle that centered on whether or not his marriage was legal. He is now happily married with four children. “I am surprised that when my story did come out in 2008, how the world took it like it was such a foreign concept. It was met with so much opposition and misinformation that there was even hostility towards the idea. I was able to put my head back in that moment. [felt] As if I were living in a fishbowl. I freely spoke about my personal life. I didn’t seek to do that. It did happen. But I felt an obligation to fulfill that obligation. Because I felt it was important and it was right. It was good for my family,” he explained.

“I had a lot of patience at the time because I couldn’t materialize all of that in the moment. I was hoping for the future that one day it would be OK. That one day I’d have my children running around and we’d be a big happy family, which we are, but at the time, I didn’t have any support. I just, I had faith in human beings that we would get there,” Beatie said.

Aside from Beatie’s finance career, he also dabbles in the world of acting. He also started a company called “Define Normal” clothing brand and an upcoming TV series. He says his show’s goal is to start conversations, encouraging people to define and accept their definitions of normal in their lives.

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